Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Check out this blog and politics!

This blog will have some major news outlets news, personal views and opinions of others. I will share my opinion or observation and others may feel free to comment or remark. This is meant to be an open forum for others to voice thier opinion and yes it may get heated but all I ask is to be civil and agree this is a blog and we must sometimes agree to to disagree (as they say). Please feel free to write whatever you want as long as it is isn't directly threatening the life of a human or physical harm. This is indeed still a free speech country but I would please ask us to be mindful in our thoughts and actions online or in person.

I hope this blog is informational and you will be able to find the latest news in politics and interesting topics.

President Obama Speaks on Political Agenda for Next Congress

The present talks between republican and democratic leaders have been cordial for the last few days as the agenda around Washington is what can we do with the slow growth of the American economy. The last two years have been battle after battle as each side becomes more and more entrenched in deep partisan views. The American people are losing trust in our core government and are looking for an active change toward the good of the many. What can we do to sustain and grow our economy for the years to come? Other questions like how is the future of health care going to look after the law takes effect and many more Americans have access to basic medical and physician care.

The climate is conciliary right now and many are looking towards the future of this congress and asking whether it will be indeed a lame duck congress or not. However, our overall objective right now is to remain industrius and to keep the same entreprenueral spirit that has always led our people to and government to the great country we are today.

Lofty times ahead, let's hope this Congress can pull it together for the sake of our country men and women.

Ron Freeze

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Reports of job growth in March good but not so fast there!

The Labor Department reported last week that 162,000 jobs were added in March and President Obama speaks on Friday at a town hall meeting at Celgard, an advanced battery technology manufacturer, in Charlotte N.C. saying that these are signs that we may hit the bottom of the recession and on our way to recovery. This is all really good news but we must also take into account that a large portion of the job adds were from the U.S. Census hiring workers. We must also take into account that unemployment still stands at 9.7% and hasn't shown signs of waning. We still have difficulties ahead and should realize that since the recession hit in late 2007, 40% of the people without jobs have been in the situation for more than six months and some 8 million people total have lost thier jobs. Yes the numbers are quite sobering but show a real picture of the current job landscape.

Obama himself has realized these sobering facts as well and actually did a complete flip flop and voiced his support on lifting the ban on southern Atlantic offshore drilling, on the eastern gulf of Mexico and in Alaska. This action shows he see's a direct need to boost manufacturing and decrease independence on foreign oil.

Obama attends Easter service at DC Church

The Obama family attends church at historical African American church in S.E. DC, the Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church. As the family, Obama, wife Michelle, daughters Malia and Sasha, and mother in-law Maria Robinson arrived a few minutes after the 11:00 a.m. service they were met with applause and snapshots from cell phones throughout the cathedral.
The S.E. community church deemed, "The Cathedral of the Southeast" has been reeling after the March 30th shooting in the region that left five people killed and four injured.
The church pastor, rev. Dr. Michael E. Bell Sr. acknowledged the President saying, he was the "most annointed, intelligent, and charasmatic President", and complemented Michelle on her attire.  The reverend thanked the President for his attendence saying that is was no accident Obama was here after the fatal shootings last week. Also in attendence was D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and Councilman Marion Barry.

The church choir rang out with sounds of joy and gospel music filled the air. Obama was seen swaying slightly to the music and taking part in communion. Shortly after the communion the family left the church service.

The Health Care Bill; a comparison of Democratic vs. Republican ideals

Here's a video of signing of the Health Care Bill by Presiden Obama; http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/video/2010/03/23/VI2010032301705.html#

Over the past year or so we Americans have waited while both parties debated the in's and out's of health care reform and it ending with the health care bill finally being signed into law on March 21st 2010. This debate has been a long and tiresome one with political wrangling from both sides;  the democrats seeding little to the republicans and the republicans outright refusing to endorse any part of the democratic led plan. Let's not forget that health care reform has been on the agenda of the nation for several decades and has failed to pass through the congress due to the same political wrangling we have seen in the most recent debate. However, there is hope and the beginnings of a health care system designed to take care of the needs of all it's citizens has finally come.

The arguments of both republicans and democrats during this debate have caught my attention so I decided to take a deeper look into what each party proposes as the ideal health care system and how it should be run. I went to each party and found a summary of the key elements of the parties agenda for health care reform and low and behold found some amazing similarities.

Here is the Republican agenda: (straight from the GOP website)


Here is a summary of the bill passed in the legislative branch: (straight from the website of the chairman of the house committees on ways and means, energy and commerce, and education and labor)


Party similarities in ideals:

Number one priority for both parties was lowering the cost of healthcare for all Americans and making it accessable and affordable to all. Both parties make a point to reform the health insurance provider practice of barring health insurance to those with pre-existing conditions. Both parties make health insurance exchanges a priority, this is where individuals and small businesses can join and form a pool and get better rates as a group rather than obtaining health insurance as individuals or a single small business in which rates are usually higher due to risk factor for insurance companies. Both parties agree to reforming the insurance provider practice of canceling policies when individuals become sick or exceed a yearly allowance or dollar amount which is predetermined. Both parties also offer incentives to businesses that promote health and wellbeing programs to employees and both agree that the children on thier parents insurance plans should be extended to at least age 25 (it is now set at age 22). This is certainly not an exhaustive list of all similarities and their are slight differences here on how each party proposes to get there but they are still very similiar in the ideals.

Differences between parties:

The major difference between the two parties is the tax issue, the current bill taxes individuals making over two hundred thousand and the families making over two hundred and fifty thousand annually. The current bill also takes subsidies away from large companies who were given breaks from the government on prescription and health plans. The current bill also reforms the medicaid program. The republicans also propose some ideals on incentives for states who save dollars on medicaid spending. The other major difference is that the current bill does propose new government departments and a regulatory system that will end up making government more involved with health insurance providers and mandating health insurance for individuals. This is not an exhaustive list of all the differences between the two plans but does give a good summary of the major differences.

If you step back and take a look at the issues from both sides they certainly seem like they agree that indeed the American health care system does need reform and that all American should have access to affordable healthcare, not be turned away for pre-existing conditions, not be denied coverage when sick or when exceeding some arbitrary dollar ammount in coverage,  and that medicaid and medicare need some help to be there in the future. However, they certainly cannot negotiate and reach some common middle ground for the good of the people. Their has been heated debate from the republicans, outright name calling and violence on behalf of the cause and in my mind a shameful show of ignorance and lack of candor on both sides. This nation was formed from the minds and hearts of men who far exceeded the common politicians and statesman of today. I can only hope and pray that our leaders will rise above the pettyness and be strong like our leaders of the past so we can continue to strive as a nation. Yes policians and statesman should have strong opinions and minds but should also be able to negotiate and compromise for the good of all Americans and I fear that the government for the people of the people may some day be the utopian place of yester year.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take time out to Contemplate!

In this fast lifestyle of work and play not enough people take the time to just sit and contemplate. I live in Washington DC and am constantly on the go...on the road at 7am in the morning to work, working from 8am till 6pm or later and back to my highrise apartment for dinner and my fav TV shows.

It is amazing how we spend 3/4 of our lives working and on the go. We should spend more time contemplating and thinking about life.

Every Saturday morning I wake up and walk to the Cafe to have a Coffee and Danish and this is the time that I take to contemplate. The Cafe is a very Europeanesque, if that is a word, it has an outdoor sitting area and always very interesting people to talk and chat with.

A week or two ago I met this Romanian lady who has now been the states for some time. It was the weekend of the 4th of July and we began to talk about the day and just how great this country is. She told me her story and it was amazing. Back in the 1960's Romania was going through a difficult time, a communist regime was in place and many atrocities were taking place. Police beating citizens in the street, imprisonment of citizens, it was a despotic rule and there was no freedom in the land. There were many citizens fleeing the land as refugees and she and her husband fled into Austria and were in refugee camps throughout the area. Her husband was a scientist and they had no children yet. They decided to make their way to the United States in hopes of freedom and a new life. They landed in NY City in 1969 not knowing anyone or even speaking the language. She said it was a very difficult time for them when they first arrived in the US but they were able to adapt and eventually found work and learned a bit of English. Her husband ended up teaching Science at Princeton University and they went on to build a great life in NJ. They were married for many years and had children and now grandchildren born in the US. Her husband passed away some time ago and every 4th of July they go to his gravesite in NJ and place flowers on the grave and commemerate his life.

She and her family thank God that they were able to find freedom in America and build a family here, but she is worried about the future of this country.

This lady told the story as if it happened yesterday with very vivid accounts of life and that time in Romania. It was a moving story and truly tell the story of America and why people come here.

Let's all take the time to contemplate and thank God for the life we have here in America.